It’s National Unfriend Day according to Jimmy Kimmel

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Facebook users beware – late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel released a video warning to the world that November 17 is ‘National Unfriend Day.’

In the video for the made-up holiday, Kimmel starts off by saying “I’m here on your feed because one of your “friends” asked me to tell you you’re getting dangerously close to being unfriended.”

So if you are a Facebook user, you are at risk of being ‘unfriended’ if you do one or more of the following offenses:

  • You post too much
  • You spell-check too little
  • You won’t shut up about: politics, your kids, how you slept last night, how your workout went, what traffic was like, how the weather is, what Frozen character you are
  • You tag people you claim to love in unflattering photos where they look terrible
  • Too many photos of your: food, body, vacation, feet, feet on vacation
  • Your #TBT makes me want to #ThrowupThursday
  • You ruin every show before we watch it
  • You ask questions that can be Googled
  • You’re on so much — how do you still have a job?
  • We don’t want to play Bejeweled Blitz or Words With Friends

If you are guilty of any of the mentioned offenses, Kimmel says “you’ve been warned.”


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