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TINLEY PARK, Ill. –Tomorrow marks a grim anniversary in south suburban Tinley Park.  It has been nine years since a mass shooting left five women dead at a Lane Bryant store.

The suspect’s never been caught.

Tonight investigators revealed a new avenue they’re pursuing in the search for answers.  Detectives say they have been working with a crime fighting think tank in Philadelphia.

Police have run down 7,000 leads since February 2, 2008 when six women were corralled in a back room at the Lane Bryant store and shot with a 40-caliber glock handgun. One survived by pretending to be dead and gave police the description that led to sketches.

They have not led to a suspect – yet.

“At this point, we know that there are people out there that may know who the offender is or have some very pertinent information and those people need to come forward and talk to us,” said Chief Steve Neubauer of the Tinley Park Police Dept .

Part of what eludes investigators is a clear motive. The killer posed as a delivery driver and chatted with some of his victims before pulling the gun and tying them up.

Tinley Park has kept at least one full-time detective on this case all these years and recently, two officers traveled to Philadelphia to the famous Vidocq Society, a group of law enforcement experts who give unsolved killings a fresh look.

Police are not offering many details about the help offered by the Vidocq Society, only that they’ve been given some new avenues to explore.  They’re still convinced that the killer’s been talking and that a number of people now know who he is.

And that after 7,000 leads, all they need is the right one.