CHICAGO — Victims of disgraced police Sergeant Ronald Watts spoke on Friday following the release of a report that recommended an officer who worked under Watts should have been fired.

On Friday, a news conference was held by the attorneys of some of Watts’ victims to respond to the report by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability which was released Thursday by the civil rights law firm Loevy and Loevy.

The law firm is calling for the firing of Sergeant Alvin Jones who investigators said he worked with convicted ex-cop Watts.

The 33-page report made public Thursday shows that last year, police oversight investigators recommended Jones should be fired for falsifying reports while working under Watts.  

The report was released Thursday by a civil rights law firm, this after two of Watt’s victims filed a lawsuit against the city to force COPA to release it. According to the report, this all stems from the wrongful arrest and conviction of Clarissa Glenn and Ben Baker in December 2005.

In the fall of 2016, both were exonerated and certified innocent. Glenn was in her 30s when she was arrested. She will be 51 at the end of the month. She filed a federal lawsuit in September 2016. Last week she filed a motion to ask the federal court to set a trial date on her case.  

“No one would listen to me except the men who are standing behind me,” she said. “I’m just grateful today we have a success story.”

According to the attorneys, since 2016, Watts and his crews of officers were tied to about 250 drug convictions that were overturned and there more than 80 lawsuits pending against the city relating to these wrongful convictions.