Intruder walks into a bar – and is body-slammed by bodybuilder owner

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CHICAGO — Talk about picking the wrong Chicago restaurant and bar. That’s exactly what happened to an 18-year-old Chicago man last weekend.

Arnez Parker entered Squared Circle in the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood Saturday night and reportedly walked into the women’s bathroom.

Lee Varon, a former bouncer and bodybuilder, and his professional wrestler of a wife Lisa Marie, former WWE wrestler Victoria, own the bar.

Varon attempted to confront Parker when Parker entered the kitchen.

Once inside the kitchen Varon says Parker immediately becomes combative. That’s when Lee put him into a backwards bear hug. Varon began to twist and turn and fought to get away. Varon’s chef called 911 while another employee grabbed a gun from Parker’s waist.

Varon then forced Parker to the ground.

Police arrived and arrested Parker. He was charged with a felony gun crime and a felony possession of a controlled substance.


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