CHICAGO — At the Vatican this Easter Sunday, thousands cheered as Pope Francis waved to the crowd while circling St. Peter’s Square in the Pope mobile.

The 86-year-old remained seated through much of the mass, celebrating the core Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion.

The Vatican says Francis has generally rebounded from a three day stay in a Roman hospital last week while doctors treated him from bronchitis.

In the U.K., King Charles and members of the royal family left Easter services at St. George’s chapel in Windsor, the final resting place for the late Queen Elizabeth the Second, who died in September.

A festive parade to celebrate Easter in South, South Korea.

Much of it is symbolizing when Christian missionaries who came to the land more than 140 years ago.

Back at the Vatican, the Pope used this Easter to call for peace in Ukraine, calling those who’ve died in war, martyrs.

He also prayed for peace in Syria and Jerusalem.

He called for the world to help those in Haiti and parts of Africa — specifically Tunisia, “suffering,” in his words, from “social and economic hardships.”

On this day, they are words to remember that the work toward peace and prosperity continues even on a day of celebration.