Inspector General: Hire More Civilians for Police Work

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Chicago’s Inspector General says civilians can do some of the work that hundreds of police officers get paid to do.

A report by Inspector General Joseph Ferguson says there are 300 jobs that civilians could do, so more officers can be shifted back to beat patrol.

Swapping researchers, human resources personnel, schedulers, attorneys and media liaisons would save between $6.4 million and $16.6 million a year.

But Ferguson admits that the savings would only come if a civilian is hired to replace an officer who is leaving the force.

The Police Department says the idea includes “a limited view of the function of police officers” and “did not address collective bargaining issues.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is considering the option.

“I welcome any report that says there’s another hundred, 200, 300, 150 additional officers that you can move from administrative office positions back on the streets protecting our neighborhoods,” said Emanuel.


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