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In his book “Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor​,” Campbell writes a followup to his biography “If Chins Could Kill with Hail to Chin….”

The book is a look in his professional and personal life. The book doesn’t per say share a particular order or has any structure to his life, but it is purposely scattered around to express who Campbell is.

He discusses the Spider-Man movie, Evil Dead, and his experience filming overseas in New Zealand and Bulgaria. He also touches on a lot of his other projects, how they came to be and the workings behind the scenes both filming and corporate wise.

One of the main things he discusses is his personal life. He talks about how he moved to Oregon and his experience living there. For example, he discusses the everyday struggles of a married couple such as setting up phone lines, internet set up,  and how he wrecked three cars in a year!