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CHICAGO — An inmate whose 2013 beating at the Cook County jail was caught on video is suing.

The lawsuit claims the officer’s actions against inmate Randall Brown were an unnecessary and an unreasonable use of force.

Brown doesn’t appear to be resisting.

He’s suing the correctional officer involved Branden Norise, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and Cook County.

The video, released by Dart a few weeks ago, shows as a cell full of inmates watching as Brown is beaten by Officer Norise.

Brown was waiting in line for meds at the time. Norise screamed expletives at him and told Brown he couldn’t use the restroom.  He said he didn’t ask to use the restroom.

On video, Brown is not seen fighting back.  Norise told the Cook County Sheriff’s Merit Board, an independent review authority, that he told Brown to take his arms out of his shirt and sit down.  Norise said Brown began screaming and yelling in an attempt to rile up the other inmates.  This is not apparent on the video.

Norise said Brown attempted to grab him.

On the video, the inmates move out of the way of the beating.

Brown suffers from migraines, right arm pain and nerve damage in three fingers from the handcuffs being on too tight. There’s a dent in his head from the beating.

Although he’s named in the lawsuit, Brown’s lawyer praises Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart for releasing the video and for firing Norise.