DELPHI, Ind. — After over five years, a man has been charged with murder in the deaths of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.

Richard Allen, 50, of Delphi, is facing two counts of murder. Police did not provide details surrounding the arrest after saying he was taken into custody on Wednesday and formally charged on Friday.

ISP Supt. Doug Carter opened the press conference with messages to the families of Williams and German as emotion filled his voice.

“I am proud to report to you that today, actually last Friday, was the day,” Carter said.

During the press conference, Indiana State Police said the probable cause affidavit, which will provide specific details on the arrest, will be sealed for the time being.

Booking photo of Allen compared with 2017 sketch (top) and 2019 sketch (bottom)

“Right now is not that day, today is about Abby and Libby,” ISP Supt. Doug Carter said.

Additionally, even though Allen has been charged in the murder — Indiana State Police will keep the tip line open.

“We are going to continue a very methodical and committed approach to ensure that if any other person had any involvement in these murders, in any way, that those person or persons will be held accountable,” Carter said.

Allen entered a plea of not guilty and is being held without bail at the White County Jail. His next court date is scheduled for Jan. 13 with a trial date set for March 20, police said at the news conference.

Over the weekend, sources told WGN’s sister station WXIN that Allen had his home searched last week, with detectives focused on his fire pit. He also worked in town at a CVS.

On Monday afternoon, WXIN reported that German’s grandparents, Mike and Becky Patty, said that Allen printed photos at CVS prior to the girls’ funerals and he did not charge the family.

Sources told WXIN he came forward in the early days of the investigation as a witness.

Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, were found dead Feb. 14, 2017 near the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi. The previous day, the girls went hiking at the bridge and were reported missing that night.

Police said German was able to capture video and audio of the suspect prior to her death. Five days after their bodies were found, Indiana State Police released audio of the man, dressed in a navy jacket and blue jeans, saying “down the hill.”

Tips poured in and later in the summer of 2017, police released a sketch of a middle-aged man with a goatee and a hat. Two years later, police held a major press conference where they announced a “new direction” in the case. A short video was shown of the suspect walking on the bridge and a much-younger sketch was released.

“We have a witness. You made mistakes. We are coming for you and there’s no place for a heartless coward like you to hide that gets his thrill from killing little girls,” Supt. Carter said at the time.

The last big update for the public came in May 2022 after a podcast, The Murder Sheet, obtained a search warrant regarding the owner of the property where the girls’ bodies were found. That man died during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the warrant, authorities believed the suspect likely took a souvenir from the crime scene and it “appeared the girls’ bodies were moved and staged.”

Authorities suspected that the murderer physically removed something or took photos to “memorialize the crime scene,” according to the warrant. Crime scene investigators also recovered unknown fibers and unidentified hairs.

In Dec. 2021, police appealed for information regarding a fake online profile named “anthony_shots.”

According to the transcripts provided by the Murder Sheet podcast, investigators knew that Libby German had been interacting with the “anthony_shots” account prior to her murder.

A man named Kegan Kline, of Peru, is facing 30 counts, including possession of child pornography, child exploitation, child solicitation and synthetic identity deception.

Kline admitted to contacting underage girls on social media and soliciting nude photos, according to court documents. He told police he had about 100 photos and 20 videos of a sexually-explicit nature.

He has not been charged in connection to the Delphi murders.

CVS released the following statement after the arrest of Allen.

As members of the Carroll County community, we remain devastated by these murders and our hearts go out to the German and Williams families. We are shocked and saddened to learn that one of our store employees was arrested as a suspect in these crimes. We stand ready to cooperate with the police investigation in any way we can.”

As mentioned above, the email ( and phone (765-822-3535) tip lines remain open.