Incoming winter storm takes it easy on morning commute

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An incoming winter storm is forecast to drop between four to eight inches of snow on the Chicago area Tuesday.

But morning commuters didn’t have it as bad as they will in the evening.

Some of them decided to ride Metra trains instead of taking their chances with the roads.

High winds blew the snow sideways at the Metra station in Glen Ellyn.

But that snow melted immediately after it landed.

But Metra passengers said they expected it to get wet and nasty later on.

“I just don’t want to be driving in it when I come home tonight,” said Metra passenger Marilyn White.  “So, I’d figured the round trip on the train was the better choice.”

The earliest train riders found themselves just getting wet, instead of walking in snow.

“There’s basically no snow on the ground right now, but I know it’s coming.  I was expecting a few inches this morning already,” said passenger Paul Voswinkel.


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