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CHICAGO — A spike in suicides among Chicago police officers has members of the department sharing stories of their own struggles. Four Chicago officers committed suicide last year and there have already been three this year. CPD’s rate of suicide is more than double the national rate for members of law enforcement. In the video, four current and former Chicago cops sharing piercingly personal stories. Their stories are part of a new department video that was shown to officers for the first time Wednesday. Included in the video is Superintendent Eddie Johnson who talked about a time he needed counseling and an officer who contemplated taking his own life. The reasons are all different; The stress of being a cop., the constant barrage of suffering they see on the streets, postpartum depression or a messy divorce. The reasons may matter less than the pain and isolation. Police said the goal of the video is to remove the stigma of seeking help. Resources available: Chicago police peer support program: 312-672-9973 CPD Employee Assistance Program/Professional Counseling Division: 312-743-0378 (24-hour emergency assistance) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 and Watch the full video: