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Three Ivy League trained health professionals are hoping to change the way seniors receive treatment in the Edgewater neighborhood.

Their aim was to create a clinic where they would get paid based on their patients seeing improvement, not just on how many patients they see.

Oak Street Health, a clinic on Devon Ave focusing on people 65 or older with Medicare has patients raving about its treatment, both medical and personal.

The clinic was founded by three Harvard trained medical professionals; Griffin Myers a doctor, Mike Pykos, a lawyer, and Geoff Price who has an MBA.

Oak Street will focus on seniors with chronic conditions like diabetes, lung disease and heart disease.

Doctors here will see a third as many patients as doctors in most clinics, examinations will be more thorough and visits will be longer according to Pykos.

Another big difference is the business model.

A new Medicare program will look at how much the government spent on  patients the year before they came to Oak Street and then look at one year after Oak Street.  If there are savings due to fewer hospitalizations or fewer expensive treatments, Medicare will give Oak Street a piece of those savings.

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