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CHICAGO — A day after 10 people were killed in a Texas school shooting, high school students in Chicago took to the streets Saturday to protest gun violence.

Since January, more than 150 people have been shot and killed in Chicago; more than 750 others were shot and wounded.

Students marched on the South Side on Saturday to urge stricter gun control.

“I feel unsafe because it’s like it could happen to anybody,” student Nanyamka Lopez said.

Freshman Spencer Cain said his best friend was shot two years ago at a park across from their school: “I literally saw my friend’s face crack. … Ever since then, I’ve been, like, so angry about this.”

He continued: “I hate to see people getting shot every day. I hate seeing the news, turning on the news every morning, and I hear somebody got shot that night and mass school shootings or whatever. I’m just tired of this.”

Father Michael Pfleger joined the students, saying, “It’s time to save our kids. The talk is over. Take action or shut up and get out of the way.”