WILL COUNTY — The Will County Animal Control Department (WCACD) is looking for the public’s help in finding the suspects responsible for using a dog as paintball target practice, among other signs of abuse.

WCACD officials said an animal control officer responded to a call Wednesday about a trapped dog on the caller’s property, a local farm in unincorporated Washington Township near the village of Beecher.

When the animal control officer arrived, they found the dog — later named Hermione — scared and caught in a trap. After calming her down and safely removing her, the ACO noted Hermione was underweight, had infections in both of her ears, and was clearly shot multiple times on both sides of her body with purple paint from a paintball gun.

“She is recovering nicely and is receiving the care she needs at our shelter,” said WCACD Administrator Anna Payton. “Staff is showing her lots of love and giving her extra special treats. She is extremely affectionate and is showing love to everyone here. We’ve named her Hermoine, after the Harry Potter character, because she is in need of a little magic in her life.”

Hermoine will continue to receive care from Animal Control staff before a shelter is identified for her or if her owner steps forward. WCACD officials said any animal abuse suspects will be referred to local law enforcement for investigation.

“Animal abuse is not something that should be tolerated,” Payton said. “This poor dog has faced several hardships and we’re asking that anyone with information about her owners or perpetrators of this abuse to step forward.”

Anyone with information on the owner of the dog or information on who the perpetrators are that used Hermoine as target practice can call Will County Animal Control at 815-462-5633.