SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker and democrats in charge of the house and senate announced Wednesday that state lawmakers have reached a deal on the 2024 fiscal year budget.

“From the beginning, I vowed to work with the General Assembly to bring fiscal sanity to Illinois while restoring a compassionate state government that invests in the things that build a stronger economy and future,” Pritzker said.

The President of the Illinois Senate Don Harmon (D) and the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives Emanuel Welch (D) joined Gov. Pritzker during Wednesday’s press conference to announce that the fiscal year 2024 budget had been approved by Democratic leadership.

This will mark the fifth balanced budget since Gov. Pritzker took office in 2019.

“From violence prevention, higher education and K-12 funding, and filling teacher vacancies, to more workforce development, and enhanced behavioral health services, this budget makes historic investments that will benefit our state for years to come,” Pritzker said

Also included in the budget are plans to dedicate $20 million toward a new Illinois grocery initiative to expand food access to underserved rural towns and urban neighborhoods.

The over $50 billion budget is slightly more than the one introduced in February, but Pritzker said he anticipates it will pass the Senate and House as is.

“A future where every Illinoisan has a safe place to call home and a safe community to live in,” Gov. Pritzker said. “A future where economic security means an opportunity for everyone and anyone to prosper.”

Senate President Harmon said he hopes his chamber can send the bill to the House tonight, so they can act by Friday. After that, it’s in Pritzker’s hands.

Harmon called it “a responsible balanced budget that recognizes our shared goals and commitment to making progress on key issues for the people of Illinois.”

There was no immediate reaction from Republicans to the budget agreement.

The Illinois governor will need to sign the budget before the new fiscal year starts July 1. Pritzker said he will be proud to sign the budget when it arrives on his desk.

Watch the entire press conference in the video player above.