CHICAGO — Starting Friday, most DMV facilities will require an appointment to get driver’s licenses, Real IDs, and driving tests.

It is part of a move to modernize Illinois’ Department of Motor Vehicles.

The appointments will be required at the state’s 44 busiest DMV locations throughout the states, including all Chicago locations — except the Loop location.

The Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias announced the “Skip-the-Line” program back in July.

The idea is to cut the unpredictability of wait times at DMVs where people can wait hours or just a few minutes depending on the lines.

Starting Friday, you will need to book your appointment online.

A few more changes coming to the DMV are the hours. Instead of Tuesday through Saturday, the facility will be open Monday through Friday however, about a dozen will remain open on Saturday.

You will also not need appointments for titles to register your vehicle or get license plate stickers.

The secretary of state says a number of services will be able to be done online instead of in-person. The facility is also taking steps to ensure everyone will have a way to make an appointment.