CHICAGO — Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias announced Friday that he awarded over $27 million in grants aimed at helping libraries and adult literacy programs.

More than 140 recipients will receive parts of $21.4 million for library services and $5.7 million to support adult literacy programs.

“As State Librarian, it’s a privilege to provide these resources to support and enhance local library services and adult literacy programs across Illinois,” said Giannoulias. “Without properly funding programs, staff and educators, learning is difficult. These grants have the ability to position individuals for success and change lives by serving the unique needs of local communities.”

According to the release, the grants project the following.

  • Support educational mentoring programs that engage students in active learning.
  • Fund online catalogs and provide resources aimed at narrowing the digital divide.
  • Provide educational and training opportunities for library staff.
  • Train volunteers who tutor older teens and adults in basic reading, math, writing and language skills.
  • Enhance family literacy programs for parents and children that focus on basic reading, math, writing and language skills.
  • Provide workplace literacy programming to employees of Illinois businesses.
  • Allow access to news and reading materials for those who are vision impaired or have other physical limitations.
  • Expand free statewide sharing and delivery of materials between libraries and patrons.

Visit here for a list of the recipients.