SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A controversial part of the SAFE-T Act goes before the Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The act’s elimination of cash bail is at the center of the case before the justices in Springfield. A Kankakee judge ruled in favor of state’s attorneys who believe getting rid of the cash bail system is unconstitutional.

Now, the state’s highest court will begin the process of making the decision to possibly eliminate the entire law.

Gov. JB Pritzker and the attorney general are urging the court to reject constitutional theories from prosecutors challenging the measure. They believe eliminating cash bail puts dangerous criminals back on the street.

Those against the SAFE-T Act are using a specific part of the Illinois constitution that guarantees people bail by sufficient sureties.

The issue is whether sureties automatically means money.

The attorney general’s office argues lawmakers have the right to reform pretrial court procedures.

However, opposing state’s attorneys claim voters should decide on any constitutional amendments.

Democrats did make strides by changing some portions of the law to appease the opposing side, but the Supreme Court will begin hearing both arguments Tuesday morning.