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(WTVO) — After several Illinois law enforcement agencies said they won’t enforce the new gun ban, Gov. JB Pritzker had a strong response: Comply or hit the road.

“As are all law enforcement all across our state and they will in fact do their job or they won’t be in their job,” Pritzker said Tuesday during a press conference.

Locally, sheriff’s departments in Winnebago, Ogle, Stephenson, and Lee counties, among others, have said they will not enforce the new law, which makes more than 100 guns and magazines illegal because the state deems them “assault weapons.”

At least two groups say they are preparing lawsuits to overturn the law that Pritzker signed Tuesday night, saying it’s unconstitutional, something that Guns Save Life Executive Director John Boch says will be proven in court.

“This thing is going to be blocked by sometime early February at the latest, and it’s gonna be done at that point,” Boch told WMAY. “There’s already Supreme Court precedent on this. There’s already other states that have tried to do the same thing that have been shut down.”

Several suits are expected to be filed in federal courts next week.