CHICAGO, Ill. — Illinois is one of several states joining in a lawsuit against Google, alleging the company abused its dominance of online advertising. 

The lawsuit is in collaboration with the Department of Justice and 15 other states. The antitrust suit was initially filed in January. 

“The complaint alleges that over the past 15 years, Google engaged in anticompetitive and exclusionary conduct that neutralized or eliminated competitors by pursuing acquisitions, relying on its dominance in digital advertising markets to force advertisers to use its products and preventing the ability to use competing products,” a press release stated. “As a result, Google established its dominance in tools relied on by website publishers, online advertisers and the digital advertising exchange that runs advertising auctions.”

Google has denied any wrongdoing and has asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit. 

“Google has created an unlawful environment in the digital world that has caused harm to online publishers and advertisers by weakening a free and open internet,” said Attorney General Kwame Raoul on Monday. “Google cannot continue its monopolies in digital advertising technologies. I am proud to join the Department of Justice and a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general in this critical lawsuit for accountability.”

Another suit accuses Google of violating antitrust laws to maintain its search engine dominance. The case mentioned above goes to trial in September.