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CHICAGO – Governor JB Pritzker announced Thursday Illinois will enter the “bridge phase” of reopening starting on Friday, May 14.

Pritzker said Phase Five, which is a full reopening of the state, could happen as soon as June 11.

The bridge to Phase Five expands capacity to 60% for gyms, theaters, spectator events, zoos, offices, retail, museums and amusement parks.

The “Bridge Phase” will bridge between Phase 4 restrictions and the “new normal” operations of Phase 5 and will serve as a transition period with higher capacity limits and increased business operations.

“The light we see at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter as more people get vaccinated,” Gov. Pritzker said.

Health officials previously said there will be a 28 -day monitoring period before moving to Phase Five, which is a full reopening of the economy. Phase Five requires 50% of all Illinois residents over 16 to have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and hospital admissions and death rates cannot increase significantly during that monitoring period.

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