CHICAGO — Chicago marijuana sales are expected to be high this Lollapalooza weekend, but festival-goers should be aware of the laws in Illinois.

While the drug might now be legal in the state, there are still limits on where a person can smoke marijuana in Illinois.

WGN-TV Christine Flores spoke with some festival attendees who were in line waiting to stock up on their marijuana products for the Lollapalooza weekend.

Sunnyside Dispensary, the closest marijuana dispensary to Grant Park, anticipates to serve 5,000 people this Lollapalooza weekend. Many of which are from out of town.

Like alcohol, the legal age to partake in Illinois is 21 or older. This is the same for marijuana in the state, according to the EarthMed.

While residents can share the recreational drug if the person is 21, they may not accept any payment for gifting marijuana.

Questions arise of how much marijuana a person can legally possess.

Illinois residents can own up to 30 grams of marijuana flower at a time, according to Norml. The penalties for owning more than this depends on the amount, as well as the number of offenses.

To learn more about the marijuana possession penalties in Illinois, click here.

But smoking in public, that’s a different story.

In Illinois, smoking marijuana in public could lead to a $50 fine for first time offense. If caught more than once within a 30 day period, those fines could increase to $100 each.

According to the state’s annual cannabis report, Illinois collected $1.5 billion from sales in 2022.