ILLINOIS — The Illinois Lottery’s Fast Play winning jackpot record has been broken for a third time this year, and through the same game.

One iLottery player won $1,248,040 Monday morning by playing Twenty 20s; a progressive jackpot game which begins with a $50,000 prize and grows with each ticket sold statewide until the jackpot is won.

This win bested an April prize of $1,000,056, which in turn bested a February win of $979,168.

Fast Play games can be purchased in person at participating retail locations or online through the Illinois Lottery’s website or mobile app.

Fast Play was first introduced by the Illinois Lottery in Sept. 2020. At that time games had to be purchased in person. However they expanded to online play less than two years ago on Nov. 15, 2021.

Currently there are 20 Fast Play games offered at various price points and game play.