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CHICAGO — On Friday, the Illinois Lottery announced the transition to a new digital draw system.

Starting Oct. 1, drawings for Pick 3, Pick 4, Lotto with Extra Shot, and Lucky Day Lotto will no longer be aired live on WGN-TV, but will be posted on the Lottery’s website,

“For over 25 years, WGN-TV has been the television home of the Illinois Lottery,” said B.R. Lane, Acting Director of the Illinois Lottery, in a statement. “While we have been proud to partner with WGN over the years, the new digital draw system will allow us to open an exciting new chapter in Illinois Lottery history, on behalf of our players.”

“The Illinois Lottery has been a great partner with us over the years,” said Greg Easterly, President and General Manager, WGN-TV. “They have decided to take their live lottery drawings in a different direction and we understand their changing business needs. We value and appreciate the long term relationship we have enjoyed with the Illinois Lottery.”

The new digital draw system will utilize a Random Number Generator, or RNG, to select winning numbers. RNG systems are currently used by the Illinois Lottery for “quick picks” at retail locations, as well as to securely select winning numbers for raffle games. Roughly half of the Lotteries in the United States utilize digital draw systems.

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