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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — As Illinois lawmakers debated a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana, one representative offered a classic visual to show what he thought about the bill.

According to WQAD, State Rep. Anthony DeLuca,took out a frying pan and an egg during his designated speaking time.  As the Democrat from Chicago Heights cracked the egg into the pan, he gave sentiments made popular by a 1980s TV anti-drug commercial.

“You see this? This is your brain. There it is folks. This is your brain on drugs,” he said.

His demonstration was met with some laughter and applause, but the remarks that followed were the opposite.

State Rep. Bob Morgan, a Democrat from Deerfield called the demonstration “nonsense” and said it was a waste of eggs “that should have been used to make a soufflé or something instead of making a ridiculous point that was outdated for 30 years.”

The Illinois House passed the marijuana legalization bill 66 to 47 Friday. It’s headed to Gov. JB Pritzker’s desk, and he’s expected to sign it right away.