Illinois Comptroller says the state heads into $6.2 billion more debt

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CHICAGO – Past due notices are piling up as the budget impasse in Springfield heads into its eighth month.

Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger warned back in October that the state was out of money.  She says with no state budget in place, the situation has gotten worse.

Rauner has blamed the Democrats for holding up the budget, while Democrats blame Rauner for tying the budget to his pro-business, union weakening agenda.

Munger says the lower income tax is a major new hurdle.  The state this year is taking in 5 billion fewer revenue dollars while it’s paying out more than a billion dollars in court ordered payments for human services and Medicaid.

She says this will bring the state $6.2 billion deeper into debt.

Munger says she’s confident a budget agreement can be reached.


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