Illinois among 8 states investigating Russian hacking of its elections

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CHICAGO — Illinois is among eight states investigating whether Russia hacked into its elections.

A leaked report by the National Security Agency reveals how Russian military intelligence infiltrated the company that made the election software used in those states.

In a report by the Intercept, the online news-site that received the leaked NSA report, it is stated that Russian hackers sent spoofed emails claiming to be from Google to employees of an unnamed U.S. election software company. The report does not directly identify the company but it references a product made by VR Systems, a Florida-based vendor of electronic voting services and equipment whose products are used in eight states.

According to its website, VR Systems has contracts in eight states: California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The NSA report says nothing about votes being affected. Only one Illinois county used that software.

Homeland Security says it believes Russia targeted voter registration systems too and Illinois was the worst hit state.

But there were no signs of anything being changed.


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