Alligator hunt in Humboldt Park Lagoon enters fourth day

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CHICAGO — It’s Day 4 of “gator watch” at the Humboldt Park Lagoon.

Chicago’s most famous reptile is still keeping the experts guessing and drawing onlookers. The search has brought hundreds of people out to watch, even some willing to lend a hand.

The search is even trending on twitter.

So far, it has not taken the bait in any of the several traps set out to catch it.

“Alligator Bob” of the Chicago Herpetological Society has 60 years of experience with reptiles. He has been monitoring the traps and patrolling in his canoe.

“You can’t jump on the water, you can’t use a net, you can’t grab him because you can’t see and the last thing you want to do is grab the wrong end of a gator,” Alligator Bob said.

He says the gator was probably someones pet – and they decided to let it loose in the lagoon.

“I’m gonna be mean, I’m gonna call the person that did it ignorant and stupid,” he said.

The alligator itself appears to be smart. It’s proven to be elusive to the wildlife experts and the amateurs trying to trap it.

“I tried to get close behind him in the canoe with the wind, but he likes to play submarine, as soon as you get within 30 feet of him, he sinks down,” Alligator Bob said.

The chances of catching the reptile increase at night, so Alligator Bob says he’ll still be here.

Experts plan to use a new tactic by using an amplifier and playing baby alligator noises in hopes of luring it in.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot weighed in on the issue Thursday, saying she thought it was one of those urban legends, until she saw a picture of the gator from earlier in the week.

WGN’s cameras have not captured any sign of the alligator Friday.


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