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CHICAGO — Plans for a shutdown of the Dan Ryan expressway were abandoned Saturday after low turnout.

Up to as many as 2,000 were expected for the protest, but only a 100 or so showed up. As a result, police refused to let the group on the expressway due to such a low turnout.

Preparations were in place for several weeks now, according to organizer Rabbi Michael Ben Yousef.

“If they’re looting, we do not want the looters in our demonstration,” he said earlier this week. “That is against our mandate, our mandate is non-violence.”

The plan was for the group to get on at 47th Street and exit at 43rd for a march to Grant Park.

While on the march, they were met with counter protesters.

Counter protesters felt that the rabbi’s group needs to stop wasting resources and instead work along police. The rabbi’s group argued that there needs to be unity instead of division.

The last time the Dan Ryan was shut down due to a protest was almost exactly two years ago.