How’s Chicago’s scooting? The city wants your feedback on its e-scooter experiment

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CHICAGO — City officials are asking the public to share what they think about e-scooters as a pilot program testing their potential in Chicago enters the final month.

Whether or not they have ridden a scooter, people are encouraged to fill out a survey and share their opinions, the City announced in a statement Tuesday.

The four-month pilot program, which is limited to a designated area encompassing parts of the northwest and west sides, is scheduled to come to an end October 15.

Survey results will be part of a “wide-ranging and holistic evaluation” by the City, which will also look at community feedback, ridership and injury data, and the 10 participating companies’ compliance to rules.

Since it began back in June, the Chicago Department of Transportation says people have taken 675,000 rides in Chicago. A DePaul University study found the majority of rides occurred during rush hour.

During a recent “round of enforcement” the City issued 25 new citations to nine of the 10 participating companies for violating terms of the pilot program, bringing the total number of citations to 39.

According to the City, Lyft was the only company not to receive a citation and Lime was cited only for a “minor” violation. Most companies received at least two citations for things like customer service issues, failing to collect scooters at night, or scooters found without an operational bell or light.

The Scooter Pilot Survey will be open to the public until October 27.


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