How would a sequester affect Illinois?

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How would a sequester affect Illinois? Less than a week before $85 billion in automatic spending cuts could go into effect, the Obama administration is getting specific about what services would be cut if Congress fails to reach a last-minute compromise.

In Illinois, cuts would impact a range of services from education to public health, jobs training, safety and military readiness. The White House released a list, including:

  • $33.4 million in cuts from primary and secondary education
  • $24.7 million in cuts from  education for children with disabilities
  • Head Start services eliminated for 2,700 children
  • $6.4 million cut from environmental funding to ensure clean water and air quality
  • 14,000 civilian Department of Defense employees furloughed, with cuts in operations funding for the Army and the Air Force, and canceled demolition projects at Naval Station Great Lakes
  • $1.4 million in cuts for job search assistance
  • 5,230 fewer children receive vaccines

Republicans say Democrats are exaggerating the impact of sequestration. If Congress fails to act, the across-the-board spending cuts go into effect on March 1.


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