How to protect your pipes in cold weather

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CHICAGO -- Power Plumbing on North Ashland has been slammed with calls all week, mostly for frozen pipes and sewer lines.

Their crews are working around the clock to thaw those out, but the real concern could be right around the corner. Chicago's had these extreme cold temperatures for several days, but this coming week we will see a warming trend, and that could mean big problems for your pipes.

"Once it gets above freezing, you have to start worrying about if your piping is frozen in the first place, it's going to start to thaw out. If the pipe is split from it freezing, then all of a sudden you're going to have a water leak," said Joe Paccioli, VP Power Plumbing.

Right now, Paccioli says it's important to keep all your cabinet doors open under your kitchen and bathroom sinks to let the heat get at those pipes. If you have any pipes built into an exterior wall of your home, that's when it's important to let a slow steady stream of water drip overnight.

For exterior spickets, plumbers say remove hoses if they're attached, and cover them if possible.


They also say it's best to turn both the hot and cold on together to prevent freezing. Make sure you know where your main water shut off valve is in case you do have a burst pipe.

On Thursday night, a sprinkler valve at Ogden Elementary School at State and Oak Burst. That issue was resolved and school went on as normal Friday.


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