How to Install a Ceiling Fan with Mensch with a Wrench

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Michael Drill
Michael Goldstein, aka the Mensch with a Wrench, secures the fan blades to the unit.

North side handyman Michael Goldstein is known as the Mensch with a Wrench to his clients and he’s one of our Weekend Workbench experts. On Sunday, April 7th at 10:30am on WGN, the Mensch will show Ryan how to install a ceiling fan.

Before you start, here are the tools and supplies necessary:

  • Phillips and flat head screw drivers
  • Electrical tape
  • Electrical tester
  • Drill
  • Fan unit

Here are the steps:

  1.  Turn off power at breaker.
  2. Mount bracket.
  3. Cut wire and attach down rod to fan base.
  4. Lock in fan base and make electrical connections.
  5. Assemble fan blades and attach to fan base.
  6. Mount light fixture
  7. Screw in bulbs and attach glass cover.

This is a relatively easy installation, only complicated by the light electrical work at the ceiling. It should take a beginner about an hour and costs differ depending on the fan unit. Don’t forget the light bulbs!


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