How people are coping in the cold

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The cold weather is giving us a lot to talk about.  Some parents frustrated that schools are closed and kids are home. Many businesses having a tough time keeping their doors open and customers coming in.  Many Chicagoans doing the right thing, the thing we’re not doing right now, staying indoors.


Alderman Colon actually had a toddler in his office today, one of his staffers had no choice but to bring her child to work. Not all workers have that option and tonight some aldermen are talking how to strike a cold-weather deal between Chicago public schools and the Teachers Union, to keep schools open, to give kids a place to go


City-wide, well over a-dozen bars and restaurants shut down tonight and probably will again tomorrow.


D’noche, in Logan Square, staying open, though enjoying the regulars coming in to warm up.


“I think a lot of the schoolteachers were not working so we had a lot of traffic coming in for lunch.”


“Schools will close again tomorrow, that will be four severe weather days. Enough for some parents, who are at their wits’ end over child care.


Their aldermen is sympathetic, “In the reality of the world that we live in, parents need a place for their children to go, and while you’re keeping them safe, you’re also creating another situation where not everybody has arrangements for child care.”


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