House Democrats to present new offer to Trump if he reopens government

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WASHINGTON — The federal government shutdown hit day 33 with no signs of it ending.

President Donald Trump is not budging on building a wall on the Mexican border, and Democrats are not budging on rejecting that idea.

800,000 government workers are losing out on a second paycheck this week.

Democrats say they want to reopen the government before they take care of border security. If it reopens, House leaders are offering $5 billion toward border patrol and ports of entry.

But, that money is not for any new structures on the border.

Meanwhile, the Senate is getting ready to vote on two proposals. The one that was passed by the House reopens the government through February while holding immigration reform talks. The other is Trump’s proposal.

It offers temporary protection to some immigrants and funds his $5 billion border barrier.

That plan has no Democratic support.

“I think it’s time Speaker Pelosi begins to listen to her own conference. Let’s solve this problem,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “There’s a reasonable proposal on the table – unlike the Democrats who have never offered any proposal to solve this solution. The president has just offered the fourth which I think is common ground – exactly what the American public expects us to do. We can get this done this week.”


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