Hot Doug’s iconic wall painted white as new restaurant arrives

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CHICAGO — The site of one of Chicago’s most famous hot dog stands is getting a makeover.

Hot Doug’s, the beloved eatery on 3324 N. California Ave. closed a few years ago, and has only reopened for popups and special events. Now, its iconic wall is being painted over as a Mexican restaurant takes its place.

Anyone who waited in line for Hot Doug’s well-knows that it was a red brick wall that provided shade and solace while counting away the minutes—or hours—to partake in Doug Sohn’s encased meat fare.

The restaurant was known for hot dogs stuffed with everything from yak to rattlesnake. On a busy day at the original Hot Doug’s they would sell about 800 hot dogs.  Sohn closed his celebrated Northwest Side spot in October of 2014,


The site became Frank Meats Patty in 2015, but that was later closed. A source close to Hot Doug’s told WGN a Mexican restaurant is now slated to move in soon.

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