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CHICAGO — A sign reading Honorary Julian D. King Way now hangs at the corner of 44th and S. Sacramento in Brighton Park.

Julian is the nephew of Jennifer Hudson.

“We know right now that Julian is sitting up there with a juice box, smiling,” said  Hudson.

The sign is near Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy where Julian attended school.

“He had such a big heart,” said Julian’s kindergarten teacher, “you could just feel his love and I’m so thankful I had him in my class. He was also a very good reader.”

Julian was seven years old when he was murdered in October 2008 by Hudson’s sister’s ex-husband.

“Julian was only seven years old, but in those seven years, he lived that life and he left an imprint on all of us,” said Hudson. “When you lose someone like that, you can only hope that their life leaves an impact on others. In that loss, we tried to help bless our city, help turn that negative into a positive and represent our lost loved ones in the best way possible by doing the things we know that they would be proud of today.”

Julian would have turned fifteen this year.

Hudson and her sister Julia King founded the Julian D. King Gift Foundation in honor of Julian.