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CHICAGO — Police are investigating a possible a hate crime at a North Side restaurant.

A message containing a gay slur was found spray painted on a bathroom door at Hamburger Mary’s in Andersonville late Saturday night.

Co-owner Ashley Wright was simply dumbstruck.

“Realizing the hatefulness of it and it wasn’t just a tag. It was a pretty blatantly hurtful thing that someone wrote on there,” he said.

“I decided I wanted to do something,” he said. “Instead of painting it back black, I wanted to cover it with something that represents the opposite of what this person wrote. So I went down in the basement and grabbed every can of paint we had and decided to do a multi-color tribute.”

A security camera at the bar caught the person who may be behind the crime.

The security video will be in the hands of detectives tomorrow.  So far, that is the only lead in the investigation