Homewood residents protest potential trucking center at site of former country club


HOMEWOOD, Ill. – A group of Homewood residents are fighting back as a heated dispute over a potential trucking fulfillment center lingers on.

Neighbors are worried about pollution, traffic and noise following the announcement of an Arizona developer asking to rezone their purchase of the former Calumet County Club.

Diversified Partners bought the 127-acre property, near 175th and Dixie Highway, in 2018. They now are asking officials to rezone the land for an 800,000 square foot trucking and distribution center.

Upset homeowners sounded off at a previous public hearing, causing tension with village staff.

“Number one, I can’t fight. Number two, I would try anyway that’s the problem, I would try. I would like leap out and try,” said Village Economic and Community Development director Angela Mesaros on a hot mic. “Actually, I might be able to take on some of them. I grew up in Appalachia with a bunch of bullies so I’m very good at inciting violence in other people.”

On Tuesday, Mesaros resigned and expressed remorse in a letter.

On Wednesday, the commission held its final public hearing before a village board vote.

“I would ask the developer to look into the eyes of the people everyone at these meetings,” said resident Kevin Crabtree. “We do not approve these are people who live here.”

Residents said they would like to see something else developed on the property, like a sports facility or music amphitheater.

The planning and zoning commission will make a recommendation to the village board for a vote on March 9. There is some concern if they vote it down, that nearby Hazelcrest could annex the land and allow the project.


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