2 more Illinois counties declared disaster areas

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Two more Illinois counties have been declared disaster areas.

Gov. Pat Quinn added Fayette and Vermilion to the list, bringing the total to 15 counties after devastating tornadoes slammed the state Sunday.

On Wednesday night, a telethon was held to raise money for the victims.

Every dollar counts: A simple message from the governor during a telethon in Peoria as he asked people in downstate Illinois to donate to their neighbors who were impacted by the 16 tornadoes that hit the state.

It’s the same message he’s sending to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Teams from FEMA will inspect the roughly 1,400 tornado-damaged homes in Washington and across the state on Thursday morning.

The governor’s call for action, comes after a call for patience from the city leaders of Washington

On Wednesday, residents were allowed on their property to recover belongings from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Thursday, they will be banned from their property so the city can clear debris. It’s also a safety precaution, there are concerns the damaged properties could become even more hazardous after the rains expected Wednesday night and Thursday.

While neighborhoods will be closed, Washington Community High School will be open for the first time since the tornado struck on Sunday. Students were allowed in the building Wednesday for counseling and support.

For the mayor of Washington, moving on is key, he’s promising the city will stand by resident during the recovery.

The city of Washington is also seeking volunteers who are willing to go through the approval process with Americorps.

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