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A veterinarian center in Roselle is helping out a homeless woman by taking care of her two dogs free of charge.

Roselle Animal Hospital has been boarding Linda Anderson’s dogs for nearly six months.

She lost her home in Elk Grove Village when her marriage ended, and she has been living in the woods in the Northwest suburbs.

Shelters aren’t an option for her because she works part-time during the overnight hours for a grocery store. Shelters have strict rules about coming-and-going, and they don’t allow dogs.

“I couldn’t have my dogs out here. So, I don’t have my dogs right now. So, I had to make a decision,” said Linda Anderson.

“I’d rather take what money I have and help them, and I can stay out here. So, but I want my dogs back, and I can’t go anywhere without them,” she adds.

The Roselle Animal Hospital has organized a fundraiser. Workers there say it’s unbelievable how many people want to help Anderson and her pets.

If you want to help the Roselle Animal Hospital, call: (630) 307-2200.