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CHICAGO — The Englewood home that was the site of a mass shooting Tuesday — which left four people dead and four others wounded — is owned by a veteran Chicago police officer who was accused by city attorneys last year of turning a blind eye to criminal activity at the property, according to city and court records.

The property at 6221 S. Morgan St. was bought by Enrique Badillo Sr. in September 2014, according to Cook County property records. Badillo was hired by the CPD in 1997 and is a patrol officer assigned to the Shakespeare District on the Northwest Side.

Reached by phone, Badillo acknowledged that he owns the property but declined to comment further.

Court records show that attorneys with the Chicago’s Law Department filed a housing complaint against Badillo in March 2020 alleging he allowed illegal activity in the building to fester.

“During the time that Enrique Badillo Sr. owned and/or controlled the subject property, they encouraged or permitted criminal activity on or about the subject property,” city attorneys allege.

The complaint cited Chicago’s Drug and Gang House Ordinance, which allows the city to “bring an action to abate a public nuisance.”

The city defines “public nuisance” as “any premises used for prostitution, illegal gambling, illegal possession or delivery of or trafficking in controlled substances, or any other activity that constitutes a felony, misdemeanor, business offense or petty offense under federal, state or municipal law.”

The housing case is still pending.

CPD Supt. David Brown said Thursday that investigators were working to determine “whether or not he owns it and whether or not the officer has been deficient in his duties as the owner, causing some of the concerns we’ve heard from the community with complaints coming out of that house.”

Brown added that “we’ll be taking swift action as soon as we’re able to sustain that allegation.”

On Friday, Badillo was relieved of his police powers pending the outcome of the investigation, according to a CPD spokesman.

Ald. Stephanie Coleman, whose 16th Ward includes the property at 6221 S. Morgan, said she’s tried repeatedly to get in touch with Badillo to address neighbors’ concerns about the home, but she’s yet to hear back from him.

“This has been the most problematic building in my ward since I took office in 2019,” Coleman said.

Coleman said the home serves as a neighborhood barbershop that often sees large groups congregating.

“That’s their safe haven to do their drinking, do their pills, get a haircut,” Coleman said. “It’s kind of a ‘Whosoever will, let them come’ [environment].”

Tuesday’s shooting wasn’t the first to occur inside the property since Badillo became the owner. According to lawyers for the city, a man was shot and wounded in the kitchen during another large gathering in November 2019. 

“Chicago Police Officers responded to a call of a person shot at the Subject Property and discovered the victim in the kitchen, surrounded by blood from multiple gun shot wounds to his body,” lawyers for the city said in court filings.

“Officers discovered that there was a party of at least 50 individuals at the Subject Property with alcohol and dice and money observed on the ground. Officers recovered five spent shell casings from inside the kitchen area and observed some slugs lodged into the floor by the kitchen table at the Subject Property.”

Records from the Department of Buildings show that inspectors found a host of violations during a January 2020 visit to the property.

At the time, inspectors found an unsafe porch, a missing window pane and a stairway without a guardrail. Inspectors also said they were unable to inspect the interior of the home because there was no working entrance. Additionally, “a third story vinyl clad addition was constructed without proper plans and permits.”

The shooting in the home early Tuesday left three women and one man dead. Four others were shot and wounded.