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CHICAGO — Violence in Chicago is down this holiday weekend, in part because of stepped up police patrols, officials said.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the violence so far during the holiday weekend “hasn’t been bad.” About 1,400 extra officers are patrolling the streets in an effort to keep the violence down. Targeted raids and more cops working the streets are just a couple of tools police are using.

Since Saturday, two people have been killed and at least 12 others were shot in the city. The latest shooting was early Sunday morning.

Johnson and U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, John Lausch, were on patrol Saturday night, heading to some of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Johnson said despite the violent start to August when 72 people were shot things have calmed down.

Johnson said shootings are actually down 20 percent from this time last year.

The superintendent says detectives will be getting enhanced training and the use of technology he thinks will help solve some of these cases.