Holiday floral design and centerpiece ideas

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Midday Fix: Holiday Floral Design

Chicago School of Flower Design
452 N. Ashland

Michael Gaffney’s Tips:

Try new color systems like blue and white for the holidays; skip the traditional colors red and white.

Use seasonal greens such as mixed cedars pines and balsams to decorate the tables

Incorporate unusual items into your designs including fruit, vegetables such as kale and/or pheasant feathers

Use mixed greens and add a few flowers on the actual holiday when guests arrive to keep it simple yet sophisticated

Gather many of just one flower like stock or roses and collar with mixed greens for easy and elegant vase arrangements

Add a drop of bleach to kill bacteria growth from rotting the water transport system, or the stem.

Floral tape is a must-have for all flower projects. The tape holds stems in place as you continue to add more flowers to the arrangement or handheld bouquet.

Red Florist Knives are the most valuable tool a florist can have! These knives are made to precisely cut tough and delicate flower stems. If you don’t have one of these sharp knives, it makes it difficult for flowers to draw up water to nourish the flower head.

Use a Crowning Glory. It helps to prolong the life of your flowers. The spray helps seal all fresh arrangements; it slows the transpiration and water loss of the flowers. Your flowers will last twice as long.


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