Hinsdale residents swamped by flooding prompts home insurance concerns


HINSDALE, Ill. – Just before noon Saturday, residents in the 200 block of North County Line Road in Hinsdale saw the water building. 

The area of Hinsdale is not flood-prone, so most homeowners say they have minimal insurance coverage for water overflow. Following Saturday’s storms and the lingering threat of inclement weather, many are now dealing with tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

“My daughter came home and she had a hard time getting to the house because the water was so high,” said Hinsdale resident Tami Carstensen. “I was afraid. It was a very fast current. Unexplainable to me, to be honest.”

Carstensen told WGN she rushed home on Saturday and had to park up the hill to make her way through a roadway that had become a raging river. The pressure of the storm-off had shot through manhole covers.

After Carstensen crossed near-waist-deep water, she checked her basement.
“I got in the house and saw the water pouring in the basement and still rising up to the front door,” she said. “We tried to pack bags and figure out how we were going to get out. I didn’t think it was going to stop.”

About a dozen homes on North County Line were affected by flooding. Some homes took in about 3-4 feet of water in their basements. Some residents on nearby Phillipa Street were flooded as well.

The flooding also caused a massive sinkhole in front of one home.

Neighbors who have lived in the area, some for decades, report never seeing such heavy rainfall. Worse, they say their insurance will only cover a fraction of the damage.

“I have a contractor coming in. It’s $50,000-$100,000 for general estimates. Our neighbors just finished their basement. It was a COVID project. They’re out everything they just put in.”

Many suspect constructions on the nearby Tri-State expansion project could be the blame. They say crews recently dammed the Flagg Creek, which served as a stormwater runoff for the area, and that a replacement viaduct or berm hadn’t yet been completed.
“It makes you so sad,” Carstensen said. “It possibly was preventable. We’re just now going through very major projects that were not planned. It’s overwhelming and sad.”

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