HILLSIDE, Ill. — After a house was nearly hit by a speeding driver earlier in April, neighbors in the Village of Hillside are calling on the mayor to do something.

Neighbors have been in the fight for the last two years, but interestingly enough — the man who has been the most vocal about the issue was not at Monday night’s board meeting.

On Forest Avenue between Butterfield Road and Clayton — neighbors have been on the lookout.

“All of our families and children are in danger, and the mayor is doing nothing about it,” Roger Romanelli said, who was not at the meeting. “You’ve got cars driving 50, 60 mph – we don’t have sidewalks.”

Videos shared with WGN news show drivers speeding right through the stop sign on a regular basis. Some even two at a time.

A couple of weeks ago, a car sped into the yard of a home day care center.

“Please do something about this, these speeders, before someone gets killed,” day care provider Alice Dixon-Zollicoffer said.

At the village board meeting Monday night, the mayor said in the last month, officers have clocked 170 hours on North Forest Avenue and stopped 75 people. They have one speeding ticket and gave 44 others for stop sign violations.

“Listen, we look at this very seriously,” Mayor Joseph Tamburino said. “The only thing we could do to slow people down is speed humps and they don’t want speed humps.”

Neighbors said they want digital anti-speed monitors installed to send information to police in real time. They also want flashing stop signs at night and security cameras installed on the poles.

But the village said they simply haven’t seen enough people speeding. And unlike Chicago, they cannot issue tickets to residents just because they are caught on camera.

The mayor said residents can let police known of license plates of speeding offenders and authorities will tell them to slow down.