HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — A mother of one of the children killed in the Uvalde mass shooting was in Highland Park Wednesday, looking to gather support from a community that also has scars from a mass shooting, as she runs for mayor in the Texas town.

“When I heard she was running for mayor, I thought we have to support her in anyway we can,” said Stephanie Jacobs, a Highland Park resident. “Our community and her community are tied by tragedy.”

Jacobs spoke of Kimberly Rubio, whom she met while the two were in Washington D.C., lobbying for change when it comes to gun violence.

Rubio’s 10-year-old daughter Lexi was one of the 19 children and two school staff members who shot and killed in Uvalde on May 24, 2022.

“I lost my daughter, Lexi, she was 10 in the Robb Elementary school shooting,” Rubio said. “She was in Mr. Reyes’ class, 111, and he was the only survivor so, all 11 students in that classroom died that day.”

Wednesday, Rubio spoke to a crowd in Jacob’s living room — sharing more about her story and why she is taking action by running for mayor of Uvalde.

“We’re in this fight together and change really comes from the ground up,” Rubio said. “So, even something as local as a mayor’s race, that’s going to effect change.”

Jacobs agreed with Rubio’s sentiment, which she said is a big reason why she’s working to garner support for Rubio’s campaign — it’s a step toward change she believes can make a difference.

“It’s both. On a federal level, we need to change things, and on a local level,” Jacobs said. “So, lobbying in D.C. to change the laws in Congress is part of it, and supporting candidates like Kim, who are running for Mayor in small towns in the US, is part of it as well.”