CHICAGO — Dozens of Chicago residents travelled to Springfield Thursday to lobby lawmakers to pass an assault weapons ban.

The legislation follows several mass shootings in Chicago as well as the Highland Park Juky 4th parade shooting. Assault weapons bans have been talked about before at all levels of government but few have been successful.

“Today we are here to say enough is enough,” Elliot Hartstein said.

Hartstein is one of the many individuals from all over the city who travelled to the capital to lobby lawmakers to pass house bill 58-55 that would ban future sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines along with raising the minimum age for a FOID card to 21.

“This bill is coming at a time when this county is saying we are done we are fed up gun violence we did want to live like this anymore,” Ashley Beasley said.

Ashley Beasley from Moms Demand Action and her son are survivors of the Highland Park parade shooting where a man opened fire on those gathered for the parade, killing seven people and leaving many others injured physically and mentally

Richard Pearson, the executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association feels the passing of the bill is a hinderance of freedom of speech.

“The entire bill looks to be unconstitutional certain previsions in it looked to be unconstitutional,” Pearson said.

If the bill does pass and the governor signs the bill, the Illinois State Rifle Association says it will immediately file a lawsuit to stop it from being enforced.

The bill currently isn’t on the lame duck agenda but it has made it through several communities giving it a possibility of being brought to the floor for a vote.