HIGHLAND PARK, Ill.  — Tuesday marks one year since the mass shooting at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade.

The morning began with a ceremony that included a moment of silence as well as remarks from religious leaders and Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering.

“This morning we remember those who were murdered, and those whose lives were altered,” she said. “Our hearts will always ache for families and friends left behind.  There is nothing we can say that will fill holes torn in their hearts or heal those who were irreparably harmed.”

Rotering said the key word in the community over the last year has been “resilience.”

Around 200 volunteers worked to put Tuesday’s events on. Rotering said they’re taking a trauma-informed approach, because they recognize the events of last year have changed so many lives forever and this doesn’t just go away.

 “This doesn’t end today. This is not just next year. We as a community are going to be there for each other and that is what today is about,” Rotering said.

Rotering said the day brings forth a blend of emotions, noting that everyone is the community, including city leadership has been directly touched by last year’s tragedy.

She said they continue to work through a devastating and horrific experience.

While city leaders would not elaborate on whether the level of security, including dozens of agencies on scene and measures like pre-registration, they said their goal is for people to feel comfortable and safe.

City leadership said it consulted local, state and federal resources to create the comprehensive security plan and that many of the agencies on-site have covered their own costs of providing extra protection for event attendees.

More than 5,000 people have registered for the events, including people in the region and out-of-state.

Seven people were killed and 48 injured in the mass shooting.

A community walk and a musical performance in honor of the victims is also scheduled.

There will be no parade Tuesday. The day’s events will wrap up with a drone show.