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HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, the suspect in the Highland Park parade shooting Monday was taken into custody Monday evening.

WGN Investigates looked into Crimo’s background.

Crimo was a prolific poster online where he apparently went by the name “Awake the Rapper.” His videos foretell his alleged violent acts. In one, he appears to dramatize a school shooting. In another video, Crimo appears to animate his own demise in a confrontation with police.

His postings informed the operation to arrest him.

Highland Park’s mayor Nancy Rotering also confirmed to WGN Investigates she has a connection to the suspect. She said his father unsuccessfully ran against her for mayor in 2019.

Investigators have only just begun to piece together the motive and method of this murderous rampage.

Police said the 22-year-old suspect was “known to law enforcement.” One question that will be asked in the days to come: Were they aware of the violent videos that have been online for many months?